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The Punch and Judy show includes all the main traditional characters; the crocodile, Judy, Joey the clown, the policeman, and of course Mr Punch himself. All of the puppets are beautifully hand carved, painted and dressed, making the show both colourful and authentic.

When working at a venue which requires more than one show, different performances can be provided, introducing further characters associated with Punch and Judy; the doctor, Toby the dog and the boxing match, to name a few. And there is lots of audience participation and great fun for children and adults alike!
Two Punch and Judy booths are used, a large "seaside" style theatre for use at shopping malls, large halls or outdoor venues, and a smaller one for drawing rooms, classrooms and smaller halls, where height and space are limited.

Many schools are doing Term Projects about puppets, the seaside or entertainment through the ages. We can provide a talk or "Mini Lecture" about the history of Punch and Judy and the story behind each individual character. The children are then free to ask questions, and this is followed by a traditional Punch and Judy show.The entire session lasts around 45 minutes.
Educational and fun!

Punch and Judy can be adapted to suit either the occasion, season or theme of the venue.
For example at Christmas Santa or Rudolph puppets are introduced into the Punch and Judy show.
Every effort is made to ensure that each performance is both personal and above all, special!